Omuzigo Ntayi Campaign

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Omuzigo Ntayi

For the past many years, Ugandans were not interested in buying or keeping land. Many of them knew that land was always there in the village and when one failed to prosper in town, he/she would take the worst option of going back to the village to till the ancestral land. But when you look at things that have been happening in the past two decades and now, everyone is scared about where and how to acquire even the smallest piece of land (50*100ft). With the increasing poverty levels, where over 41% of Ugandans live in poverty, and can neither afford to buy land or build a house their families, our company, City Sites Limited, decided to bear the responsibility of enabling the poor majority acquire land through a saving approach dubbed as “Omuzigo Ntayi Campaign.”


You may also realize that many poor people are always evicted from their so called ancestral land where they used to grow food crops hence intensifying the rift between the rich and the poor. Many of these evictions are even carried out despite the government insisting that no evictions should be effected without fair hearing.

The introduction of “Omuzigo Ntayi Campaign” is therefore to enable those without money (not haves) to also acquire land and build houses for their families with ease. The concept is simply a Land Saving Scheme where one pays for land in installments of even 10,000/= (Ten Thousand Uganda Shilling).

“Omuzigo Ntayi,” a Luganda phrase, which literally means being fed up with rented houses, enables our client to save for land in any amounts basing on his desires, goal and financial status. Clients are allowed to view land (plots), save and own plots as long as they realize 60% of the purchase prices for the allocated plot of land.

This enriching concept enables those without steady income to work, save and achieve their desired goals sometimes even without knowing. The campaign has also tremendously enabled Ugandans working abroad to save money directly with us, acquire land, build houses and enjoy their sweat when they return home.

Mr. Godfrey Babi Kimera is the Director City Sites Group of Companies that manages City Sites Limited a Property Management Company; City Herbal Center- the first-ever Center for all Herbal products in Uganda; Kyaggwe Supermarket Limited located in the heart of Mukono; and a team leader in Rural Empowerment & Development Agency (REDA) – Uganda an NGO that enhances socio-economic development among poor communities in areas of Greater Mukono and Wakiso District. He is a renowned media personality working with Prime Radio handling developmental radio talk shows and research. He also works with NIRA as a District Registration Officer (DRO).

I didn’t have money at once and I thank City Sites Limited for the patience they gave me to pay in small amounts and I have been able to complete my payment of the two plots at Mukono Modern Estate Kabembe. I have been given my agreement which shows that I have completely paid fully.